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It's been a long time dream of mine to incorporate textiles made in Laos.  I immigrated to Canada when I was 4 years old and my artistic practice started with making sculptural work and I would of never thought that my journey would lead to designing textiles and I feel this long awaited collection is taking me full circle. Earlier this year I travelled back to Laos after 40 years and I made this trip with my mother which not only strengthen our bond but also for me to get a better understanding of my history. 



When I was doing my research into where I wanted the textiles to be produced I came across Ock Pop Tok a lovely centre started by Joanna  Smith and  Veomanee Douangdala.  They wanted a place that continued the long tradition of Laos textiles and also a place to empower woman.  The women that weave the fabric learned from their mother's and they were able to use this skill to make work and live independently raising their children.  They are able to be part of a community that would support them to grow and flourish.  

While I was staying at the centre I spent a few days taking dyeing and weaving workshops and I enjoyed that experience of how they could make such beautiful textiles using very primitive techniques and equipment.

This trip and journey into connecting with my roots resulted in these textiles and I kept a neutral palette of blues since there is a strong history of indigo dyeing in Laos.

All the woven textiles are hand dyed and hand woven and using methods and techniques that our low impact to the environment.

I hope you will enjoy these pieces as much as I do.

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